Happy New Year!!!

Today is the last day for this year, and i know that this next year will be alot more fun and learning. Because in only 19 days I'm going to the US and stay there for a year!!

For those of you that don't already know this, I'm going to California and become an Au pair!  Can't wait until I'm there! Looking really forward to meet my host-family!

Well yesterday I promised to show some pictures from chirstmaseve. So here they come:

our christmastree in our livingroom. I can tell you that it's catproof, all the christmas decoration is made in plastic.

Me and my grandfather eating christmas candy and watching "Donald Duck" on tv.

Two sleepy cat's laying under the livingroom table.

I can also tell you that today we bathed the cat. Not popular but they look really nice now.

Well this is going to be the last post for this year!

Hopefully I'll get more to write next year!
Happy New Year to all!!!!

On my way to Stockholm.

I guess that some of my few readers are woundering why I'm writing in english. Well that's because that my future host-family in the US is hopefully going to read this. I apologize before hand for all my spelling misstakes.. ;)

Well today I've just got back from a trip to the american embassy, where i got my visa.

I got there at 7.20am and had a book apointment at 8.00am. So I sat in the car for a while and then with 7.30 i thougt that it was best to go up to the embassy.  It was about 8 people before me in line and I had to wait outside for almost an hour before i could go inside. IT WAS -6 DEGREES CELSIUS!!! It was really really cold outside.
Once inside it took about 10 minuts to get my visa approved. And after that we started our way home again, 5 ½ hour drive.

While staying in Stockholm we stayed at a hostell that was extremly cold. But we survived.

Now for some pictures from this week.

Me and my dads cold room in Stockholm.

The wiew from the car on our way home.

A picture of me and my grandfather this summer.

Big cat, small box. (The box was made for CD's but Valentin wanted to sleep in it.)

Well that was all from me for now. Maybe I'll update later to night from my mothers computer so that I can show some pictures from our christmas.

Take care!

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